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Training gear is required for our sparring element of Shaolin Kempo Arts curriculum and training. It is essential for the safety of all students. ALL UNIFORMS AND TRAINING GEAR must be purchased from us at the dojo.

We cannot accept the use of gear used from another Martial Arts school or from home as it is not in compliance with our insurance company.


Cost of gear at time of enrollment is as follows:

  • Headgear with plastic face cage: $85

  • Sparring gloves (Dragons-Eagles 8 or 10oz) $45

  • Sparring gloves for Adults: $60

  • Shin and instep: $45

  • Chest guard: $60

  • Gear bag: $45

  • Uniform, including belt and logo patch: $90 *special pricing for initial enrollment only

Students are encouraged to write their name on each piece of their training gear and bring it to class in a bag every time they attend class.

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