Hand sanitizer: We will have each student use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the dojo as a health and safety measure. This will be a permanent institution and protocol to our dojo etiquette. If you / your child are allergic to the anti-bacterial gel or have skin sensitivity, please use our antibacterial soap in the bathrooms.  
Shaolin Kempo Arts has always taken great pride in properly cleaning our dojo several times per day and wiping down all equipment, weapons, floors, and our lobby. This will continue as we strive to maintain a clean and healthy dojo environment. Shaolin Kempo Arts staff will act responsibly if they detect or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms according to the CDC.  See link .

Lastly and most importantly, on your end, we would respectfully ask that NO student, caregiver, or family member come to the dojo if they are exhibiting any symptoms of illness at any time. It is incumbent upon each of us to be socially responsible and STAY HOME if you are ever ill or demonstrating symptoms of a cough, cold or fever. Thank you in advance. We will be complying with the CDC for all of these recommendations: