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Hand Sanitation

Shaolin Kempo Arts has always taken great pride in properly cleaning our dojo several times per day and wiping down all equipment, weapons, floors, and our lobby. This is in an effort to maintain a clean and healthy dojo environment.

We would encourage all students to wash their hands upon using the bathroom and use our hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the dojo. We would like to remind all students (and parents of younger kids) to PLEASE WEAR shoes in the parking lot and take them off inside the dojo lobby before class so as not to track dirt, germs, and tar blacktop onto our mats. We take our shoes off inside the dojo not only to show respect, but for cleanliness, hygiene and in the spirit of keeping a healthy environment. For our Warrior students who wear Otomix Martial Arts shoes, please put them on INSIDE the dojo and do not wear them outside the dojo. Those are your Martial Arts shoes. Again, this is in the same effort. We appreciate your cooperation.

Lastly and most importantly, on your end, we would respectfully ask that NO student, caregiver, or family member come to the dojo if they are exhibiting any symptoms of illness at any time. It is incumbent upon each of us to be socially responsible and STAY HOME if you are ever ill or demonstrating symptoms of a cough, cold or fever. Thank you in advance. 
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