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  • Treat others as you would like to be treated

  • It isn't big to make others feel small

  • Avoid bullies when possible, but if your paths cross; Hold yourself up and stand tall. Look people in the eye, but do not challenge with staring

  • Don't participate in name calling or physical violence and no mocking of other people. It should be clear that bullying is not tolerated

  • Be a hero. Help everyone respect others

  • It's okay to walk away

  • Talk to teachers and other students to ask them for their help in standing up against bullying

  • Stand and walk tall with a purpose

  • "Get back. You're too close!" approach

  • Treat others with kindness and respect


  • Help kids understand bullying. Talk about what bullying is and how to stand up to it safely. Tell kids bullying is unacceptable. Make sure kids know how to get help. Keep the lines of communication open. Check in with kids often. Listen to them. Know their friends, ask about school, and understand their concerns.

  • Model how to treat others with kindness and respect.

  • Encourage kids to speak to a trusted adult if they are bullied or see others being bullied. 
    You can give comfort, support, and advice, even if you can't solve the problem directly. Encourage the child to report bullying if it happens.

  • Talk about how to stand up to kids who bully. Give tips, like using humor and saying "stop" directly and confidently. Talk about what to do if those actions don't work, like walking away

  • Talk about strategies for staying safe, such as staying near adults or groups of other kids.

  • Urge them to help kids who are bullied by showing kindness or getting help.

  • Report bullying to school administrators and ask for their intervention to help stop it.

  • Talk to your kids about Cyber bullying - One of the latest trends in bullying is for it to happen over the internet or via instant messaging. Teach your kids to talk with you when they see messages they find rude or intimidating. You can help them respond effectively, or get involved to provide feedback to parents and teachers about what the other child is doing.

  • Keep your kids from becoming a bully. Talk frequently to your children about the importance of the golden rule: treating others as they would like to be treated



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