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TEENS 6th-8th grade

Our Eagles class is designed for pre-teens and teens ages 12-15 in 6th-8th grades. 

At Shaolin Kempo Arts, we believe Martial Arts helps develop the healthy lifelong habit of fitness while developing valuable skills of self defense. The Eagles class focuses on these skills while also learning to create a sense of life balance. Our Martial Arts classes for our Eagles gives a full-body workout, helps cultivate their social skills, gives a forum for healthy friendships, and creates an outlet for stress relief from their heavy loads of school homework. Many of our Eagle students take advantage of our Leadership opportunities such as our Guidance on Leadership Development and Special Team of Role Models program that we offer here at our dojo. We take great pride in our Teen program here at Shaolin Kempo Arts. For more info, call 858-335-1730.


*All students are evaluated based on age, school grade, rank and maturity for proper class placement by our Headmaster

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