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Shaolin Kempo Arts G.O.L.D. Program is for our Eagles and Warriors students (6th grade-Adults) to learn leadership skills through a structured curriculum. G.O.L.D. aims to promote the character and competence of all our young students growing up in today’s world.  

Each week we cover a different topic and have literature, materials, and an in-class project for every G.O.L.D. leadership member. Every student receives a special G.O.L.D. notebook for their resource materials, notes, and journal of what they are learning.

Some of the topics covered are: Learning to have a positive energy in class and throughout their lives, communication skills, decision-making skills, coaching skills, being a role model, continuous personal development, being confident and encouraging while showing humility; praise, correct, praise method, creating outstanding learning experiences and fostering human-relations habits, creating a sense of community, how to greet people, execution of great ideas, importance of positive daily habits, defining and understanding self-discipline versus discipline, creating success while setting goals.

Through the G.O.L.D. program, each student will develop their personal philosophy on leadership and share that within the group.


The students from this program may be selected to become a S.T.O.R.M. team member which is our Jr. Assistant Sensei Program. S.T.O.R.M. stands for Special Team of Role Models.  The G.O.L.D. program is separate and apart from that program and focuses on Leadership training for both Martial Arts, home, community, and school environment.  In our G.O.L.D. program, the students will also create a portfolio of leadership experiences while reflecting on those experiences and how it has impacted their lives.

G.O.L.D. Program is $65 month which includes hand-out materials and instruction. 

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