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Our Dragons program is for children ages 5-7 Kindergarten through 2nd grade where they will learn Self defense skills in a fun and lively environment. In addition to our traditional Kempo system, the Dragons program also addresses playground altercations dealing with name calling and bullies, protecting personal space and possessions, setting boundaries against inappropriate touching and attention and assessing appropriate defense and how NOT to start a fight. We also address getting lost, home safety , abduction awareness and how to physically break away and escape the grasp of a  would-be abductor.

Our students are much less likely to act out of anger or fear or have to use physical resistance after asserting some of the proper awareness skills and approriate de-escalation behavior. One of the core reasons our program is so successful is because we make the classes challenging, fun and exciting. If the kids are having fun, they will learn much faster. We are pleased to have a top-notch character development program integrated into our Martial Arts curriculum for all of our students. Come in today with your child and experience the wonderful world of Martial Arts.

*All students are evaluated based on age, school grade, rank and maturity for proper class placement by our Headmaster

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