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Tournament 411 for competitors

Hello parents!

We are excited for your child to participate in our Shaolin Kempo Arts in-house Martial Arts tournament on Sunday!  Our competition begins at 2:00 p.m. sharp. Please have your child arrive approximately 1:45 to warm up. We will begin with our traditional flag ceremony, sparring demonstration and outline of tournament rules, and basic judging criteria announcements at the outset of the tournament. If your child is sparring, be sure to bring all of their sparring gear. All kids must wear their full uniform and belt. No exceptions.  They will not need their skills cards so leave those in the bins. If your child is sparring, he or she will be sparring against a peer that is close in their age and rank so it is a fair and equitable opponent. Sparring is judged by 5 points. All points are scored with light contact to the front part of the upper body, above the belt.  Strikes below the belt are not allowed. If your child is competing in a weapon form, please bring their weapon or you may borrow one of ours. If they are bringing their own, make sure it is properly labeled with their name on it so as not to confuse it with others that look identical. Students competing in forms will be judged on speed, focus, power, loud kiais, intensity, balance and technique. You and your family/ friends are welcome to sit inside the dojo on the mats while your child participates. You do not need to view from the lobby, though you are welcome to be wherever is most comfortable for you.  Photos and videos are encouraged (phones silenced, please).  When your child is competing, feel free to move around and get close for pictures and to cheer them on loudly! They will have an opportunity to take a formal photo in front of our logo after they receive their trophy and you are welcome to stay and watch the other students compete or leave if you have another commitment.  The entire tournament is approx. 60-90 minutes. Parents of small children, please be mindful that while we welcome and encourage all family members, to please watch for your little ones running around near the competition ring and take them outside if they are disruptive, crying, etc. Thank you for your courtesy in this regard. Lastly, we want to remind everyone of good sportsmanship. The intent of this tournament is to breed confidence and self-esteem while cultivating a competitive spirit amongst their classmates.  We are proud of everyone for their courage in participating and like to acknowledge their achievement as such. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email. I will be available to you. Sincerely, Sensei Lori and Sensei Joey

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