Physical distancing in the dojo is easily done! How you might ask? As a temporary measure, we have created a personal workout space for EACH student that is outlined by tape. Each personal workout space is 6 feet by 6 feet and is 9 feet away from any other student. We will have cones and 72" tall workout bags that separate each student. Every student will enter one at a time and take their designated spot. Our dojo is 3,200 square feet; however in an abundance of caution we will be having only 8 students participate in class on the dojo mats at one given time. This will allow ample distancing and give them personal freedom to physically move, train and learn.

Students will not need their entire sparring gear and bag for the time being; just their gloves. They will be working out on a workout bag that is sanitzed and cleaned in between each class.  Sparring and partner drills will be temporarily suspended in an abundance of caution as each student works independently. We will have the students' skills cards up at the front and measuring their progress with punches and stickers per the usual, but only Sensei Joey touching the cards. They will not need to go to the back room to pick out their cards. See pic below.  We will continue to have our Guidance on Leadership Development Course. Students will retrieve their notebooks and have the choice of leaving them at the dojo or bringing them to class each time. We will discuss our topic from our respective workout zones.
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