After 20 years in business and 15 years at our current dojo, we have found an opportunity to even better serve our students and families at a new location!  


We are currently under construction to create a larger, more airy dojo that focuses our use of space on the physical training where all the action happens. Additionally, we have envisioned shifting our lobby / waiting area to an inside and outdoor facility where you can view your child training and wait comfortably.  We will have the benefit of a spacious, covered breezeway area where we are custom constructing six benches, six feet in length, each six feet apart or you are always welcome to come indoors. Our interior lobby is not similar in size as our current dojo, but we felt it important to focus on creating a large training space while still accommodating parents and families for all of the classes, events, camps, and parties that we host. The dojo has always been a social epicenter and we want to continue that environment safely. By creating two viewing areas, we feel we are adapting to new times, needs, conditions while continuing to deliver Black Belt excellence for our students, families and community at large. 


Other side perks we are very excited to share with you: It is 2 short blocks (walking distance) from our current dojo so you won’t need Google maps to find us; Parking is more available to everyone and a brand new restaurant is also opening adjacent to us and they are not only ready to serve you with the most delicious food post-workout or while you wait (family meals, pizza, tacos, plant-based Italian, acai bowls, decadent desserts you name it!), but will be making their indoor and outdoor space available to us for when we can once again gather for dojo birthday parties and special events, like our 20th anniversary dojo celebration that I promise we will have this year!


Most importantly, we are aware that these past few months have been replete with change for everyone in so many facets of your life. We are confident you are going to love our new location and our dojo will continue to have everything you are used to and more. Excitement is an understatement about this positive change and we look forward to sharing it with you soon!                                                  


Stay tuned for a move-in date; we are nearing the end of construction and our goal is to reopen our freshly painted new doors on Monday, July 13th, but it may very well likely be before that date. In the interim, everything is status quo in terms of our regularly scheduled classes at our current location and we ask that you respectfully wait to visit us until everything is polished, finished, mats installed and we can joyfully welcome you through our dojo doors. New address is: 3422 Tripp Court, SD 92121


Thank you for being a part of this next chapter with us. We appreciate your loyalty and commitment!




Sensei Joey and Sensei Lori Larocque

Shaolin Kempo Arts

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