After 20 years in business and 15 years at our current dojo, we have found an opportunity to even better serve our students and families at a new location!  


We have created a larger, more airy dojo that focuses our use of space on the physical training where all the action happens. Additionally, we designed TWO waiting areas both inside and outdoors where you can view your child training and wait comfortably.  We have the benefit of a spacious, covered breezeway area where we custom constructed six benches, six feet in length, each six feet apart and you are always welcome to come indoors. The dojo has always been a social epicenter and we want to continue that environment safely. By creating two viewing areas, we feel we are adapting to new times, needs, conditions while continuing to deliver Black Belt excellence for our students, families and community at large. 


New address is: 3422 Tripp Court, SD 92121


Thank you for being a part of this next chapter with us. We appreciate your loyalty and commitment!




Sensei Joey and Sensei Lori Larocque

Shaolin Kempo Arts

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