We will have a continued Dojo Distance Learning option (2.0) for those who wish to continue with Zoom and are not yet ready or able to reenter the dojo physically or who wish to have more time at home as our community recovers from the COVID-19 outbreak. We understand and hope to accommodate you. This is separate and apart from our in-dojo traditional program. At this time, Dojo Distance learning via zoom will be done through private lessons only. They are 30 minutes in length scheduled at mutually convenient times for you and Sensei Joey. Please contact Sensei Lori should you wish to schedule those private lessons. Prices for 1-1 private training via Zoom are the same as our in-dojo lessons. See below.

Singular:     $65/ea

Pack of 5:   $300 ($60 ea)

Pack of 10: $550 ($55 ea)

Pack of 20: $1,000 ($50 ea)

Packs of private lessons must be purchased upfront. They do not expire and can be shared among family members. We do not offer refunds.