Please note we will now have a 15-minute buffer in between each class so that we have ample time to wipe down equipment, common surface areas and give each student from the previous class an opportunity to leave class.  While we are maintaining physical distancing, please do not arrive to class early.   

At this time we would recommend dropping off and picking up your student at the front door. While this is not mandatory and you are welcome to come inside, it is encouraged. Our lobby floor has markers for the requisite 6 feet apart should you wish to observe class. Anyone in the lobby MUST wear a mask at all times. To our Little Ninjas preschool parents, please feel free to come inside. We have made furniture modifications in our lobby for anyone who wishes to observe class. 

Sensei Joey or Sensei Lori will be there to welcome each student per the usual from a safe distance. While we have always welcomed parents to view their child from the comfort of our lobby, we are making efforts to keep the physical distancing in place. 
Upon entering the front doors to our business, you will see the shoe racks to your right. Students, please leave your shoes there and you can retrieve them upon exiting the dojo. We recommend wearing flip flops or open slides so as for ease in entering and exiting.
Due to the limited class size, we will temporarily be adding additional group classes to maintain physical distancing. As such, please sign up for your group class in advance. Registration is required. Space is limited. Make-ups may not be available depending upon class size.  Please note we need to have a minimum of 5 in each class or we will potentially move your child to another class. Thanks in advance!
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